Videos related to Seduction of the Innocent and the Anti-Comic Book crusade

Recreation of the testimony of William Gaines before the Senate Subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency, part 1 Watch it!
From a History Channel piece on the history of comic books, the section regarding Dr. Wertham, SOTI, and the Comics Code. Watch it!
Excerpt from the documentary "Comic Book Confidential" regarding the moral panic about comic books in the 1950's. Watch it!
Intro to the 1988 documentary "Comic Book Confidential", with material taken from the 1955 documentary by Paul Coates Watch it!
Another excerpt from Comic Book Confidential, featuring images from the Senate hearings. Watch it!
Bill Gaines on "To Tell the Truth" in 1970. It has nothing to do with Seduction of the Innocent, but it's really cool. Watch it!
Very brief history of comics, picturing SOTI. Watch it!
David Hajdu discussing those dark days in the comic industry. Watch it!
History of Comics interview with David Hajdu. Watch it!
Trailer for the book "The Horror The Horror" Watch it!
Joe Sinnott talks about the effects of the Comics Code Watch it!