Seduction of the

Captain Video #2 references from Page 382 of SOTI:
Of course television and crime comic books also meet when comic books are based on television programs. Take the example of Captain Video. This comic book is certainly as bad as other crime comics. There is a lot of assorted violence. Morbid fantasies are conjured up for children, like the one that suddenly mankind's legs do not function: "All of us have recited our theories and admittedly found them inapplicable! There is no hope for mankind's regaining the use of its lower extremities!" [story 1 page 5] The treatment for this infirmity costs "one million dollars for each patient." [story 1 page 5] The hero has a "dreaded electronic ray gun whose scintillating bolt results in complete paralysis." [story 1 page 7] There is the superman cult of the "one man alone to stem the tide of frightening destruction, guardian of the world." [Splash page of second story] The injury-to-the-eye motif is not missing, either. [Page 7 of second story]