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Authentic Police Cases #6

A portion of one panel from Authentic Police Cases #6 was pictured by
Dr. Wertham in Seduction of the Innocent. This story was printed
at least three times by St. John comics: In Authentic Police Cases #6,
then in Fugitives from Justice #3 and later in the 100-page
Authentic Police Cases #27.

Below you see SOTI and the page from Authentic Police Cases #6
that it reprints. The caption for the photo that Wertham chose is,
"An invitation to learning."

Later, the same story was represented in Fugitives From Justice #3, with a new title
and some minor changes. Notice the woman's torso is now covered with lace where it had
previously been bare. Fugitives from Justice #3 was later rebound into some copies
of Authentic Police Cases #27.
The story of Authentic Police Cases #27 is an odd one. The cover indicates that the
contents are all-new; copies of this book have been found with all-new contents, but this
book also exists with rebound contents similar to the way the Fox Giants were rebound.
At least one of the Authentic Police Cases #27 rebound versions contains a rebound
Fugitives from Justice #3.

Note that this story seems to have also been intended for inclusion in
Giant Comics Editions #5, as evidenced by the title "Human Cat Trapped by
Death Gun Slugs." This story is not actually included in
Giant Comics Editions #5, however.