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Articles and other published works By Dr. Fredric Wertham
Adult Crudzine Illustrated #1, 1969 Fanzine, print run 200, with Wertham letter
Alien Critic #10, August, 1974 Fanzine with Wertham letter
Alien Critic #12, February, 1975 Fanzine with Wertham letter
American Journal of Psychotherapy v2, #3, July, 1948 Abstract of the symposium "The Psychopathology of Comic Books", held by the Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, March 19, 1948. You might call this "The Secret Origin of Dr. Wertham". His articles in Saturday Review of Literature, Ladies' Home Journal and Reader's Digest received greater exposure among the general public, but this article in a professional journal represents one of Dr. Wertham's earliest published anti-comics works, with material by Gershon "Love & Death" Legman as well. Read it!
Amra, V2, #58, January, 1973 Fredric Wertham on Conan's psychology
Atlantic Monthly, March, 1952 Fredric Wertham "A Study of Pain"
Auto-Erotism by Wilhelm Stekel Introduction by Dr. Fredric Wertham
The Barbecue Pit #16, 1974 Fanzine with Wertham leter
Bulldog #8, 1975 Fanzine with Wertham leter
Censorship of Comic Books: A Statement of Opposition on Civil Liberties Grounds, May, 1955 Anti-censorship pamphlet from the ACLU; includes two short extracts from Wertham writings.
The Collector #16, Fall, 1969 Letter from Wertham in response to prior criticisms.
Diversifier #7, 1975 Wertham contribution
Fact v1, #6, 1964 "The Huckster as a Headshrinker" by Wertham
Fandom Unlimited #1 Interview with Wertham
Freon #3 Letter by Wertham
Gosh Wow #1, September, 1967 Fanzine with "Reading for the Innocent" by Wertham
Graphic Story Magazine #11 Fanzine with short letter by Wertham
Harpers Bazaar, January, 1948 "The People vs. Medea" by Dr. Fredric Wertham
Harpers Magazine, September, 1951 "Wham! Socko! Pow!" by Dr. Fredric Wertham In response to criticism of his work in the July, 1951 issue, Dr. Wertham penned this short letter to "Personal & Otherwise", the letters section of the magazine.
Ladies' Home Journal, November, 1953 pp. 50-53 Fredric Wertham “What Parents Don't Know About Comic Books” Read it!
Ladies' Home Journal, March, 1959 Fredric Wertham “Ten Ways a Child May Tell You He is Headed for a Troubled Teen Age”
Ladies' Home Journal, February, 1960 How Movie and TV Violence Affect Children by Fredric Wertham, M.D.
Ladies' Home Journal, August, 1961 Sex Crimes Can be Prevented by Fredric Wertham, M.D.
Pageant Magazine, December, 1957 What to Tell your Child about Sex Offenders by Dr. Fredric Wertham Read it!
Reader's Digest, August, 1948, pp. 15-18 Fredric Wertham “The Comics . . . Very funny!” Condensed from Saturday Review of Literature Read it!
Reader's Digest, May, 1954 Fredric Wertham "Comic Books - Blueprints for Delinquency!" Condensed from Seduction of the Innocent
Riverside Quarterly #15, June, 1970 Wertham Letter
Riverside Quarterly #18 (v5#2), February, 1972 Wertham Letter, pp. 151-152
Saturday Review of Literature, May 29, 1948 Fredric Wertham “The Comics . . . Very funny!” Read it!
Saturday Review of Literature, February 5, 1949 Fredric Wertham, "It's Murder"
Saturday Review of Literature, July 30, 1949 Fredric Wertham responds to Philip Wylie
Saturday Review of Literature, October 1, 1949 Fredric Wertham "The Air-Conditioned Conscience"
Saturday Review of Literature, April 22, 1950 Review of "The Art of Real Happiness". Review by Fredric Wertham
Saturday Review of Literature, January 31, 1953 Review of "The Meaning of Dreams", by Calvin S. Hall, An Essay-Review by Fredric Wertham
Saturday Review of Literature, September 19, 1953 Review of I Was a Drug Addict, by Leroy Smith and David Roth, Reviewed by Fredric Wertham, M.D..
Saturday Review of Literature, April 9, 1955 Fredric Wertham "It's Still Murder", one of the forgotten anti-comics articles by Wertham Read it!
Saturday Review of Literature, July 5, 1958 Sins of Their Fathers, by Marjorie Rittwagen, M.D., Reviewed by Fredric Wertham, M.D.
Science Fiction Review (The Alien Critic) #12, February, 1975 Fanzine with Wertham letter
Scientific American June, 1949 "The Prevention of Murder" by Wertham
Scientific American October, 1949 "Freud Now" by Wertham
Scouting September, 1954 Dr. Wertham anti-comics article
The SF & F Journal #88, February, 1977 Dr. Wertham letter in response to the fanzine's discussion of The World of Fanzines
SOG #21 1972 Fanzine with a 3-page article: Fredric Wertham on Television Violence
Squa Tront #8 1978 Letter by Wertham
Tomboy, by Ralph Ellson, Bantam Books, 1951 Introduction by Fredric Wertham.
The World Within, Fiction Illuminating the Neuroses of our Time, Whittlesey House / Mc Graw-Hill Book Co, 1947 Introduction by Fredric Wertham.
Yandro#224 Letter by Fredric Wertham.


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