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One chapter of Seduction of the Innocent was titled "Bumps and Bulges". In it, Dr. Wertham described some of the advertising that he found in what he deemed to be "children's" comic books. Below are some examples:
SOTI Reference
Example of the ad Wertham was describing
From SOTI, page 209, A full-page advertisement illustrated with photos of muscular he-men says: From a SKINNY WEAKLING to a MIGHTY MAN! . . . I gained 53 lbs. of MIGHTY MUSCLE. 6 and a half inches on my CHEST; 3 inches on each ARM. You can do it in 10 minutes a day! Presently the same advertisement appeared (December,1953) in a super-endorsed comic book with a public service page of the National Social Welfare Assembly. Now "Skinny" gains "70 lbs." of mighty muscle, his chest grows "7 inches" and his arms "3 and a half inches each"!
This ad comes from Love Problems and Advice Illustrated #16.
This ad can be found in Love Problems and Advice Illustrated #16
On page 217 of SOTI, Dr. Wertham discusses what he describes as voyeur ads, including an ad for binoculars that indicates, Bring in distant people with amazing clarity and sharp detail . . . See without being seen . . . ($3.94)
This ad from My Own Romance #16 doesn't contain that exact text, but is likely an ad for the same product.
This ad can be found in Love Problems and Advice Illustrated #16
On page 217 of SOTI, you'll find the following, One is for a course for boys on getting along with girls: It's Easy to Win Her! Women are funny - Put psychology to work. No more clumsy mistakes for you . . Don't be a Faux pas!
This ad appears in Justice Traps the Guilty #25 and 31, among other places.
On page 210 of SOTI, Another ad advising you how to become "an all-around HE-MAN" says "Prove it to yourself in one night!"
This ad comes from Justice Traps the Guilty #31.

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